Spray irrigation systems, hydropneumatic sets
and industrial installations.

VMP vertical multipolar and stainless steel Centrifugal pump, manufactured by adopting advanced denimark technology. The best advantage is the advantages of advanced water-power model design, high efficient and save power. There is vane wheel inside, the pump shell and main fittings takes with stainless steel punch, flow-road is very smooth, axle is hard metal tool, so that will be super-powerful long lasting using time, to prevent producing second pollution, and its axle cover seals with wear-resisting machine, unreveal. Electrical machine adopts MS lead case, import bearing, insulating grades F. Pump works smoothly, and low-noise. The quality of this product is dependable, good appearance, small bulk, light, and easy for transport and install. It is ideal water pump of green and environment protection and power saving.

1、Urban water supply and pressure boosting
2、Industrial circulating system and process-ing system
3、Water supply for boiler or condensate system
4、Environmental protection water treatment and infiltration analysis system
5、Agriculture irrigation and rewatering
6、Industrial building cleaning and other washing work
7、(Others) many special applications

Common type is applicable for liquid conveying, circulation and boosting of hot and cold clean water, soft water;
Stainless steel type is also used for water with tiny content of alkali, mineral, distilled water, water for swimming pool and solution with chloride, but the allowed Temperature of the liquid shall be reduced.

Hot and cold clean, non-flammable, non-explosive liquid without solid grain and fiber
Liquid temperature: ambient temperature -150C~+700C, hot-water +700C~+1200C;
Highest environmental temperature: +400C
Min inlet pressure: according to NPSH curve + min safe delivery 0.5m water head.

1、All the performance curves are based on the measured values of motor 3X380, 50Hz under constant speed of 2900r/min. The motor is of changeable voltage;
2、Measurement is done on the basis of: 200C water in free air, dynamic viscosity r=1mm2/sec; tolerance refers to attachment B of ISO2584
3、The operation of pump shall refer to the scope of performance of the black curve to prevent danger due to overheating.

EQ Features 
Various control modes (pressure, distant pressure, temperature)  Excellent energy-saving  Installation at All standard three phase inducement electromotor is possible  Easy to remodel original pump  Including pump, motor protection function.  Easy to install and operate  Until 6 vehicles can be connected to each pump (tandem operation)