Spray irrigation systems, hydropneumatic sets
and industrial installations.

Technical Data
Flow Rate Q: 2~200m3/h
Delivery Head: 8~180m
Liquid Temperature:-0~+1000C
Voltage: 380V
Material: Stainless steel 304

High-rises, residential area, villa, etc.
Hospital, school, gymnasium, golf course, airport, etc.
Hotel, office building, department store, large-scale sauna center
Park, playing ground, garden, farm, etc.
Manufacturing, lavation equipment, food industry, factory, etc.

Keeping regular Discharge pressure  Energy saving   Easy installation  Use of high quality composition goods
 Main control function  Regular pressure control  After power stoppage, automatic return operation  Main pump alternation operation function  Failure Pump Skip operation  Protection operation from water famine (prevention from dry-running)  In case of generating a problem at the Pump, there will be a warning signal  Prevention function from winter-sowing   Prevention function from sticking  Emergent operation function (flood control, manual operation)  Center monitoring (center control team communication)  Storage of operation Data  LCD Saving function  Exterior communication function (Option)